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tom & saar

Tom and Saar’s wedding will go down in our memory as a wedding that was so well planned and so classy, and yet preserved the lightness and all the fun. They invested so much time and effort, down to the small details, the design, the most accurate choices for the bride’s wedding dress and the groom’s outfit, and many more hours of work.That, along with their amazing personalities, just generated a fantastic atmosphere.

We met Tom during her preparations at the Nordoy hotel in Tel Aviv, indeed one of our favorite venues with its eclectic design, and yet a neat and minimalistic appearance. Ziv Amsallem and Naor Appel, the make-up and hair designers, did an awesome job, and once Tom was ready, in her wedding dress – designed by the talented Vivi Bellaish – she just was one of the most amazing brides we’ve seen. Saar of course was not lagging behind, with his turquoise green suit, which brought his most handsome self to the fore. 

They decided to do the couple’s photo shooting in “comfy” locations, places that didn’t require long drives and would not trouble the couple too much – so the Nordoy Hotel it was, along with some shots taken on Tel Aviv’s emblematic Nahalat Binyamin, as well as the Tel Aviv Port, where their wedding took place, at the infamous “Trask” venue. For us, the shooting session felt like a fun ramble through the streets, with short stops at particularly pretty spots, for some more shots.

The venue’s décor was inspired by the French style, with a color palette of black, bordeau, and gold. That made for a very special ambient, which was perfectly fitting this time of the year – the winter. It was a stunning day, luckily without any rain. But it was pretty cold, so the official ceremony was held indoors, at the venue, which only added warmth and cosiness to that special moment. As soon as they broke the glass, everyone made their way to the dancing floor, which was just next to the Chuppa, where a crazy party, with great energies and amazing people, went on into the night – and of course we joined them and had a blast.

Photography: LUZ  I  Venue: Trask  I  Videography: Yair shiliach  I  DJ: Yaniv Ohana, Alpha  I  Hair: Zim Amsalem  I  MU: Naor apple  I  Bride’s dress: Vivi Balaish + Idan Laros  I  Hair: Zim Amsalem   Groom’s suit: Bamos square  I  Design:  Roni Yahalom  I  Jewelry: Keren Wolf




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