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It was hard for us not to fall in love with Amit and Oran, a stunning couple full of style and great taste, and we had so much fun spending the day with them – the connection between us was perfect. They chose to marry on the Israeli Independence Day, a day with a special atmosphere in which all of their guests are not working – and we could feel it in the air.
We chose to take their couple shots at “Habima”, the national theatre which is very close to their home. The location perfectly matched their look, urban and minimalistic.
Their choice to get married in such a special and beautiful venue on the beach of Tel Aviv – “House on the Sea” was especially emphasized when air force planes circled above them as part of the Independence Day parade. The design of the event was carefully chosen, with distinct Israeli elements such as the Sabra leaf in the center of the tables and Israeli flags pinned to falafel balls.